Hi, I’m Cayden!

If it involves electricity of some kind, I’ve probably fixed it, broken it, or both.

Coming from a rural community in Pennsylvania, opportunities for technological work and education wouldn’t jump out at me, I had to find them. Thankfully, this tool called Google exists, and from a young age until now, I’ve began exploring all parts of IT (and even some activities outside of it).

I’m now set on a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity from the Rochester Institute of Technology (anticipated graduation in Spring 2027 thanks to the accelerated BS/MS program). College life is in full swing - My academics, part time job, and fun activities keep my busy.

Don’t worry, I’m not always a computer nerd - I enjoy volleyball, music, and the outdoors outside of learning and work.

I’m currently seeking an internship or co-op for Summer 2025! If you’re looking to hire a highly motivated, eager to learn cybersecurity intern/co-op, I’m your guy!

In the bottom left of this site, you’ll find links to my GitHub, LinkedIn, and email! Feel free to contact me!