De-Mystifying the Flipper Zero

Every spring, my college, RIT, puts on a big festival thing called Imagine RIT where everyone gets to show off the cool stuff they’ve made. The engineers show off their cool cars, biologists show off their projects, and the Cybersecurity majors show off how to perform (and defend against) slightly illegal cyber attacks!

This last spring, I made a presentation regarding the Flipper Zero. My goal was to remove the stigma that surrounds this device, and clarify exactly what it can (and can’t do). Thus, my presentation was titled, “De-Mystifying the Flipper Zero.”

Unfortunately, we were unable to record that presentation due to time and technological constraints. Thankfully, I was able to present this same talk (with some added capybara presence) at the RITSEC general meeting a few weeks ago!

Check out this video of me presenting my talk in front of my peers!

My presentation is a nice high-level overview of the capabilities of the flipper. I present on four major attacks that the flipper can conduct:

  1. Infrared Remote Spoofing - turn TVs off from afar!
  2. NFC Card Cloning - hack access control and more!
  3. HID Replay Attack - pretend to be a keyboard!
  4. RF Replay Attack - open garage doors!

I say this all the time, but I am truly blessed to have RITSEC at RIT. To be honest, only about half of my learning comes from the classroom. RITSEC provides the other half - connecting everything I’ve learned in class in real-life scenarios, and making world-class companies, mentors, and technologies within an arm’s reach for me. Very thankful to have them!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.