I have a number of certifications and licenses, and not all of them fit on my resume. Here’s a list of all of them with details!


A photo of my CompTIA ITF+ Certification
From CompTIA: CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) is an introduction to basic IT knowledge and skills that helps you determine whether you have what it takes to work in IT.

Microsoft Office Specialist: Word and Excel 2019

A photo of my MOS Certifications
From Microsoft: Pass an exam in a specific Office program to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist certification. Being certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist demonstrates you have the skills needed to get the most out of Office.

FCC Amateur Radio License - Technician Class

A photo of my FCC Amateur Radio Technician Class License
From the ARRL: The FCC Technician License exam covers basic regulations, operating practices and electronics theory, with a focus on VHF and UHF applications.

Audinate Dante - Level 3 Certification

A photo of my Dante Level 3 Certification
From Audinate: Dante Certification Level 3 builds the necessary skills to navigate a Layer 3 enterprise network. This includes explanations of what Layer 3 means, why it is helpful and how Dante systems can naturally span a building, a campus, or even multiple properties. It also offers demonstrations of Dante Domain Manager connecting devices across Layer 3 boundaries. This class is especially helpful to those who want to build a large Dante network and those who wish to improve their ability to work with IT staff at large organizations.